Wolfe Deep Tissue + Wolfe Non-Surgical



wolfe deep tissue


Wolfe Deep Tissue is the most powerful bodywork ever developed, based on the knowledge, excellence and precise techniques that Dr. Darrell Wolfe has developed over 35 years. We treat the so-called untreatable. Where other therapies fail, Wolfe Deep Tissue succeeds.

Wolfe Deep Tissue is not massage and it is unlike all other deep tissue therapies. If you are after instant and long-lasting results and a successful practice, be prepared to be amazed at this simple but highly effective technique. The most important key to being a successful bodywork therapist is recognizing and eliminating internal scar tissue.

Whether it is a knee or hip replacement, scoliosis, frozen shoulder, TMJ problem, sinus problem, fibroids, tumors, arthritis, hiatal hernia, spinal or disk problem or sciatica; you name it, you can treat it plus provide a guarantee they will not go to surgery if they follow and practice our Perfect Day guidelines. Wolfe Deep Tissue will release nerves bound and choked by scar tissue, and will instantly relieve irritation and inflammation.



wolfe non-surgical


Wolfe Non-Surgical stands alone when it comes to treating the pelvic area, abdomen, breasts and face. No other treatment goes deeper when it comes to chronic tissue and organ problems or delivers such long-lasting results when it comes to eliminating pain and tissue restoration.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when their skin begins to look older and their muscles begin to lose tone – a time when they search for a way to subtract or slow down the years that nature has added. Aging tends to break down the polymeric bonding that gives young skin its fresh, smooth appearance. Over time, scar tissue and crystallization build up within the muscles, decreasing circulation resulting in lack of muscle tone and premature aging. Poor diet, years of improper self-care and misguidance from professionals along with exposure to UV rays, frigid temperatures, high winds and environmental pollutants all contribute to the deterioration of skin and muscle tone.

This technique will open up and release fibroids, internal scar tissue, calcification, crystallization and body pain related to muscles and nerves. We also give in-depth training on the removal of scar tissue from C-sections, gall bladder, appendix or any other surgery that has created scar tissue adhesions and blockages.

The surface of the skin will reflect the structures supporting it and creating it. We penetrate the deeper tissue and muscle layers of the face, abdomen, breast and pelvis to eliminate pain and scar tissue, thus restoring natural tone, youth and contour.