president & new world practitioner


I began my health journey when I broke out with a rash all over my body. They were dime sized red spots. The medical doctor gave me a steroid cream and told me to use it and get back with him. I asked him if this was going to help and he said, just try it. Well, it did not work and so began my journey into healing myself. I went to see a naturopathic doctor and learned that the body could heal with diet and nutrition. My longtime friend and chiropractor was instrumental in guidance for me with diet, weight loss and lifestyle changes.

That is where I learned it was a lifestyle change. There is no magic pill. I have a passion to help people. I wanted to be in the naturopathic world but I didn’t know what that looks like. 

My friend also introduced me to Healingstrong, which is a non-profit support group for people with cancer or any other type of disease and just for overall health. Our group encourages, educates and supports people who are going through these things.

I am a group leader for the Braselton location and have been there for over two years. I am also on the board for Healing Strong and this has opened up many doors for me to find my passion, make new friends and meet outstanding practitioners in this field.

I was listening to one of my favorite talk radio shows and heard about Doc of Detox. So one day I made a phone call to Dr. Darrell Wolfe and he answered, I was shocked! We spoke for a few minutes and then he asked me a question I will never forget, "when is the last time you told yourself, I love you" I laughed, and he said, "and there you go". When I met Dr. Wolfe I was already eating healthy but not exercising and I needed emotional help. What I learned from Dr. Wolfe is that we all have emotions tied to our tissue and our beliefs are everything! I learned how important it is to gently detoxify your body and the large intestine is 75% of your immune system. I have the tools to help you realize your potential and change your life forever! You have nothing to lose but pain!I have a passion to help people. I wanted to be in the naturopathic world but I didn't know what that looked like.

I am certified through Dr. Darrell Wolfe. This includes, Whole Life Coaching, Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration and Wolfe Non-Surgical. I can help you create the perfect day with nutritional and emotional consultations. Learning this has been a life changing experience.

Yours Truly,

Dean Sileo

New World Practitioner
Certified by the International Training Institute of Health